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I Was Born (A Unicorn) - Scribblings of a Dropout

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September 10th, 2008

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06:14 pm - I Was Born (A Unicorn)
Title: I Was Born (A Unicorn)
Author: Tuesdae/morrisseyislove
Fiction Type: Original Fiction
Rating: G
Summary: Where did the unicorns go?
Word Count: 435
Warnings: Intelligent design and evolution combined in one unicorn-ical story.
Disclaimer: The title belongs to The Unicorns. Unicorns are a legendary creature, so they belong to no one.
Author's Note: This is just a short little story I had to write for an English assignment. I have learned more about unicorns than I ever did before, and I'm lovin' it. Unicorns rule, but anyone who knows me knows that I believed in unicorns looong before I had to write about them. But I love that I got to write about them. Please, tell me what you think before I turn it in! It's due on Tuesday, 16 September 2008.

In olden times, before the flood, unicorns were wise beasts. They looked just like how Europeans had imagined them, they were the moon, brilliantly, amazingly white, almost a glowing blue-tinted white, sparkling white, cloven hooves, and their astonishing, amazing, single horn. They were difficult to find, due to their small stature and quick wit and reactions. They’re weakness, as in myth, were young, beautiful maidens, to whom they would seek comfort with, and then they would be captured by cruel men who would kill them and sell their parts to healers and magi.

While all unicorns were special in their own unique ways, there was one particular unicorn that was very, very special. Some thought him magical; some thought him the devil, especially after Noah made his proclamation.

“The flood is coming! The flood is coming! God shall punish all those sinful; he shall cleanse the Earth of all abominations! You will learn the fear of God!”

Noah was one of the only godly men left in the city, not an extremely respected man for it. Those times weren’t particularly good for those who were religious, because, just as it says in God’s book, the world was taking a wrong turn.

The unicorns unanimously agreed that a flood to kill everyone on the Earth who wasn’t on Noah’s ark kind of made God seem like an extremist and a failure for not being able to keep his creatures in line.

Noah shunned the unicorns for this, calling them devil horses. He told them that God told him they would not be allowed on his ark.

“I thought it was God’s ark,” that one very special unicorn said to Noah.

Noah cursed the unicorns after that, telling them that they weren’t worthy to ever walk on God’s Earth again.

They heeded his warning, knowing exactly what they would do when the flood came.

The one unique unicorn gathered his energy right until the first rain drop hit the ground; they were ready.

When the water started to rise too high for them to stand in anymore, they began to change, evolving at an extremely rapid rate. Their legs started merging together, their bodies changing shape, color, and design. When the forty days and nights finished, their transformation was complete. They were completely different beings now. Instead of drowning, they breathed water; they couldn’t walk because they didn’t have legs. They weren’t goat-like anymore. They weren’t brilliantly, almost glowing white anymore; they didn’t have cloven hooves or their famous horn anymore.

Now, they were sea creatures, given the scientific name hippocampus erectus, more commonly known as seahorses.
Current Music: The Unicorns - I Don't Wanna Die

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