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June 26th, 2008

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12:23 am - Anniversaire [s/a drabble]
Title: Anniversaire [s/a drabble]
Author: Tuesdae/morrisseyislove
Rating: PG, only like two curse words. If you consider hell a curse word.
Pairing: Ryden (Ryan/Brendon)
Summary: It's Thursday. What's Thursday?
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but I own the story.
Author's Note: Today is my birthday, so I wrote myself a little birthday drabble. I thought of making it someone's birthday, but this seemed more fitting. This is the second birthday I've celebrated with Slash At The Disco and I am officially fifteen! Alright, let's go party, w00t! lollercopter. Thanks for an awesome two years so far, guys.

“Hey Ryan,” Brendon whispered in Ryan’s ear.

Ryan turned back to look at him and gave him a half smile.

“Hey,” he replied, and then turned back to the computer.

Brendon’s face fell a bit, but then lighted back up.

“Guess what today is,” he challenged.

Ryan’s face contorted in confusion.


Brendon glared and rolled his eyes, in his mind, kind of reminded him of his mom when he was annoyed.

“Guess again.”

Ryan held his mouse over the little date/time thingy on the right side of his taskbar.

“Yeah, it’s Thursday, why?” he asked.

Brendon huffed and stormed out into the bunks.

“Hey Spencer,” Ryan said, “what’s today?”

“Thursday,” he said, biting into an apple.

“Yeah, Brendon asked the same thing and got pissed when I told him it was Thursday too.”

“Maybe because it’s also your anniversary,” Spencer shrugged. “Apple?” he offered.

“Shit, that Thursday?” Ryan said, hopping over the couch to the bunks.

“Bren?” Ryan said, testing.

He checked his bunk first, then Brendon’s.

“Hey,” Ryan said, “I’m sorry I forgot, I’m so sorry, sweetie.”

“Spencer reminded you, didn’t he?” Brendon said, anger written in his voice.

“Yeah,” he said, avoiding Brendon’s eyes.

“Oh well,” Brendon said, sighing. “Since Spencer seems to remember our anniversary better than you, I guess I have to give him the honorary anniversary fuck…”

“The hell you will!”

And it was awesome.
Current Mood: drained
Current Music: The Beatles - Birthday

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